TV White Space Technology TV White Spaces are broadcast bands assigned as the guard band to prevent inter-regional interference.  New regulations make these bands available for shared unlicensed use. Compared with traditional Wi-Fi, TV White Space is able to penetrate obstacles like walls, which means, the penetrability is better. Besides, the distance and coverage are also improved, and the spectrum efficiency is 3 times higher than Wi-Fi sharing frequency spectrum.

TV White Space provides an opportunity for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) to service remote areas of developing and under-developed Countries.

  • TVWS frequencies propagate over terrain very well.
  • TVWS provides a cost-effective solution for WISPs.

HUWOMOBILITY provides a TVWS compliant solution that offers broadband Internet coverage where 3G/4G is not available and/or not affordable, helps rural areas which are difficult or not economical for cable and fiber optics to reach, bringing services to people currently unconnected. HUWOMOBILITY’s solution allows the signal to travel further and penetrate walls better; enabling seamless indoor connectivity where Wi-Fi fails to provide.