About us


Founded in 2013 by Wireless networking experts, HuWoMobility is bringing to market a product line of high-performance wireless mesh access points, utilizing both Wi-Fi and Super Wi-Fi technology, is leading provider of Super WiFi, TV White Space(TVWS) products and solutions in worldwide. We’re dedicating to enable new generations of higher capacity wireless networks to reach more than 4 billion people that have No Internet Access, especially in rural area.

Our team expertizes in telecom, RF, hardware, software, testing and professional services in US Headquarter and Shenzhen office intending to ensure the best performance of the products.

For more information on HuWoMobility, visit our website at www.HuWoMo.com.

Huwomobility Inc.      920 Hillview Court, Suite 230
Milpitas, CA 95035, USA
Email: info@huwomo.com
Phone:     + 1 408 609 3888
Fax:         + 1 408 609 3899

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